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Sun 15th Jan 2017 - 11:29pm General Gaming



With the team's successful qualification to the ESL UK & Ireland Premiership for the 2017 Spring Split, we are thrilled to be able to confirm our starting roster, as well as give you all a chance to read an interview we did with Louis Jose and the players.


It is with great pleasure that we can confirm the team that got us to the Premiership will be sticking with GLB for the upcoming split and will include a number of staff positions to be announce soon.



Delitto - Top -  Greece

Trilipey - Jungle - UK

vVROW - Mid - Romanian

Lemoknight - ADC - UK

Snuggli - Support - UK



Plausible - Owner/Manager - UK


Pein - LoL Team Manager - UK


Strxm - Head Coach - Malta



Interview with Louis Jose “Owner of GLB”


I had a chance to chat with Louis Jose the night of their successful qualification to the 2017 ESL UK & Ireland Premiership.


How is the roster looking at this early stage?


The roster was built in a very short amount of time and had next to no practice coming up to the qualifiers. However I think as you saw in the of the games during the qualifiers, we clearly have some really talented players on the roster. The main/first focus would to assist the team into being a more cohesive which is not rare to any new team, this will come with time and practice.


What can the UK scene expect from GLB in 2017


I think people within the UK eSports scene will be seeing a lot more of us in 2017. We are an organisation who has been around for awhile but yet to achieve an outstanding goal, I think in 2017 with the correct staffing now helping the organisation we will grow and improve.

As Manager/Owners (etc) what do you expect of the team in upcoming season?/Do you have an aim in mind?


For the upcoming ESL premiership we would be realistic with our ambitions and aim for top 3. It will be difficult as there are some great teams in there, however I think we have good base to work from and lots of room for improvement.


Looking at the rosters of the other teams, who do you think will be the toughest teams?


The toughest team this split is has to be MnM. They have a mix of experienced and young talent. Although there are 2 or 3 other teams that are a big threat also. Just excited to see all team from top to bottom play.


What is the plan with the academy roster now that they sadly failed to make the cut to the premiership?


The Academy roster was put together again very last minute but actually surprised me with some of the potential of some of the players. We will be looking at the roster and staffing of the team and be continuing from there. Most likely the first aim for the roster will be the UK Masters Qualifiers when that comes around.

Final Thoughts from Louis Jose


“We are really proud of what the team has achieved and can’t wait to see you all in 2017 for what we hope, is a great year for GLB esports”


GLB Coach Jake 'Strxm' Camilleri added

Coach - Even though we have a new roster with not much experience playing together I believe we can take top 3 handily. The goal is definitely to get first place. From the qualifying games I have learned that all my players have unique qualities that will help the development process of our team to improve at a decent rate to get to where we want to be as fast as possible.

Not only did I get the pleasure to sit down with Louis and I also got the chance to speak to the GLB players and pitch a question to each about how their role stacks up going into 2017.

Delitto, Do you think the top lane tank meta is still going strong in the current meta and what would be your dream scenario for top lane meta going forward?


I believe that tanks at the moment aren't overpowered, they are mostly played because tanks supports
aren't viable in this patch,we still see bruiser/anti tank top laner's(camille,fiora,jayce) but with
the current courage of colossus they can't outperform tanks in fights.


What are your goals and desires from the upcoming ESL prem and what have you learnt from the Qualifying games?


Of course our goal is getting the number 1 spot and qualifying for the challenger series,the qualifiers
showed me that we still aren't at that level but with hard practice we can do it!


Tripiley, Pre season saw some change to the way stealth works and the introduction of plants and more aoe focused clearing of the jungle camps, how has this changed your champion pool heading into the new season?  how are you feeling with your current pool going into a 10 ban system?


The stealth changes were a nice idea but In practice, make almost no difference to gameplay, Rengar hardly ever gets spotted by the Evelynn-like stealth and twitch is still almost impossible to find unless you're on top of him, I think the stealth changes overall were a pretty big waste of time for rito which could have been spent nerfing poppy.


As for the plants I think they are just a huge gimmick and were an attempt to give some useless jungler more mobility, but they really don't do all that much since other junglers will now just have even more mobility, the fruit trees are extremely situational and mostly just end up as another rng in the game, since most people don't plan to take damage they are pretty much there until someone has a good use for it, most of the time I'll just waste these if the other team doesn't have a healing support.


The scryers are kind of nice however very under used in the way that they should be, and since they reveal that you hit them it can ruin the idea of "scouting ahead" since the opponents are aware of the information that you gained. Overall also considering a slight buff to AoE junglers, my champion pool has largely remained the best picks throughout the last few patches and I don't see it changing too soon.

What are your goals and desires from the upcoming ESL prem and what have you learnt from the Qualifying games?

My goal this split with the ability of the current roster, is definitely to win the premiership as well as compete to an equally high level in any other competitions that arise. I think we are capable of being the a top team in the UK with dedicated practice

vVrow , the mid lane is the striker or  Quarterback position at the moment in current LoL rosters, do you feel extra pressure playing in the mid lane carry role? If so does that drive you to be a better player, or would you prefer to see more hard carries from other lanes?


I feel a lot of pressure while playing mid lane, I always am scared of not showing up after having resources funneled into me, It definitely drives me to try harder and improve.


What are your goals and desires from the upcoming ESL prem and what have you learnt from the Qualifying games?


I definitely want to win the tournament but I also plan on using these games to improve individually and as a team player, the qualifier matches helped me learn how to play efficiently to my limits in a team environment.


LemoKnight , the marksman role has had a bit of a rough start to 2017 in the LoL community, as someone who mains this role, does it all seem like valid concern or is it just people getting way too hyped on a certain bomb throwing ap carry?


In my opinion adc is in a decent position, my main issue with it is that you are heavily reliant on the rest of the team to control the tempo of the early game. For example the support can roam and most of the time can control the aggression in the botlane, and the jungler can snowball the early game, but most of the time the adc has to play reactively to your team's early game movements. I feel adc in the mid/late game is perfectly fine if you're not too far behind. Regarding ziggs, since he is mainly skillshot reliant you can rush tier 2 boots and that can help you dodge most of his damage. Ziggs overall, yes he is annoying to deal with because of his waveclear and siege potential, however i feel adcs outscale him in the lategame


What are your goals and desires from the upcoming ESL prem and what have you learnt from the Qualifying games?

My upcoming goals for the ESL prem is to get 1st place :)))))))

Snuggli,  as a Support player in this current meta, how do you feel your role has shifted from back line support champs and tanks to play making supports like Zyra and Malz?


It's a pretty big change. Traditionally, the "support" has always been there to protect the ADC so they can do damage, but with the weakness of most ADCs during the early and mid game a lot of these support champions like Zyra, Brand, Vel'koz and Malzahar are actually the damage carries in the botlane. It puts a bit more pressure on your mechanics and carry potential because you're not just stood 30 yards back pressing E off CD on Janna. I would like to see a bit more diversity - most of these AP supports completely destroy the CC/Tanky supports so the meta is a little bit stale compared to previous patches.

I would like to say a big thank you to GLBs staff and players for taking the time to speak to me and reaching out to me and showing a desire to get my work onto their site.


If you want to see more of Davids work you can over at and you can follow him on Twitter at .

GLB Plausible

GLB Plausible

Louis Jose

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